Come Clarity (song)

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"Come Clarity"
Single by In Flames
from the album Come Clarity
A-side"Come Clarity"
B-side"Only for the Weak"
Released13 December 2006
GenreAlternative metal
LabelBlack Lodge
Songwriter(s)Anders Fridén, Björn Gelotte, Jesper Strömblad
Producer(s)Anders Fridén, Björn Gelotte, Jesper Strömblad
In Flames singles chronology
"The Quiet Place"
"Come Clarity"
"The Mirror's Truth"
EP Cover
Come Clarity - EP.jpg

Come Clarity” is the third single by In Flames. It is a limited edition 7" vinyl record, that was released through Black Lodge Records under license from Nuclear Blast. The single only contains two tracks, “Come Clarity”, which was taken from In Flames’ eighth studio album Come Clarity and “Only for the Weak”, taken from Clayman. A noteworthy feature of the album is its album cover which features In Flames’ symbol/mascot, the Jester Head. This is the first In Flames album since Clayman to feature the Jester Head on the front cover artwork instead of the inside artwork of the album booklet. The song does not feature the band's iconic melodic death metal sound, instead it is more of a traditional heavy metal song based on their influences like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Track listing[edit]

Club/Radio Promo CD[1]
1."Come Clarity"4:15
2."Only for the Weak" (originally from Clayman)4:55
3."System" (originally from Reroute to Remain)3:39
1."Come Clarity"4:15
2."Only for the Weak"4:55

Music video[edit]

Anders is driving his car, and as he drives along, he keeps on seeing a girl giving the sign that means “I need a ride please”. As the band plays the song, there are scenes of both the girl walking in the desert and Anders driving by her. After the solo of the song, a meteor shower occurs when the chorus comes back in. As the song starts to end, the video shows Anders’ driving scene repeatedly. When the song ends, Anders pulls over to pick the girl up, but when he pulls over, she disappears, leaving only a teddy bear that she was holding.[2]

The video was directed by Lex Halaby.[2][citation needed]



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