Come into My World

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"Come into My World"
Come into my World single.png
Single by Kylie Minogue
from the album Fever
Released 11 November 2002
Recorded 2001; London, England
  • 4:30 (album version)
  • 4:06 (radio edit)
  • Rob Davis
  • Cathy Dennis
Kylie Minogue singles chronology
"Love at First Sight"
"Come into My World"
"Love at First Sight"
"Come into My World"
Music video
"Come Into My World" on YouTube

"Come into My World" is a song by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue, taken from her eighth studio album Fever (2001). It was written by its producer Rob Davis and Cathy Dennis. "Come into My World" is a disco song which Minogue's pleas her lover to come into her world. It contains elements of house music. It was released as the fourth and final single, and third North American single, from the album on 11 November 2002 by Parlophone.

Critical reception towards "Come into My World" has been positive; the majority of the critics commended the song's composition and commercial appeal. In Australia, the song peaked at number four on the Australian Singles Chart. It found moderate success in the United Kingdom, where it debuted at number eight on the UK Singles Chart. The single also charted inside the top twenty in Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Canada, and New Zealand, and reached ninety-one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

A music video for "Come into My World" was directed by Michel Gondry, featuring duplicated Kylies walking in Paris, France with a lot of local townspeople. It also received generally favourable remarks for the video, praising the idea. "Come into My World" was first performed on her KylieFever2002 tour, and has featured on all her tours up until her 2011 Aphrodite World Tour. The song was later honoured with a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2004, becoming Minogue's first and, to date, only Grammy Award.

Background and composition[edit]

Following the global success of her eighth studio album Fever (2001), and the album's subsequent singles; "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "In Your Eyes", and "Love at First Sight", Minogue's label Parlophone decided to release a fourth single worldwide.[1][2][3] Minogue enlisted several producers including Rob Davis and Cathy Dennis, both whom work with Minogue previously; the duo wrote and produced "Come into My World".[4] According to Minogue's official website, "Come into My World" was a last minute addition to the album.[5] It was selected as the fourth and final single from Fever and was released globally on 11 November 2002 by Parlophone. [5] The Maxi CD version of the single contains remixes of the single, live recordings of "Love at First Sight", and album track "Fever", and DVD was released for the single.[6]

"Come into My World" is a disco-oriented song that had been compared to "Can't Get You Out of My Head"'s musical composition, which is a nu-disco and mid-tempo dance-pop song.[7][8][9] According to Jason Thompson at PopMatters, the song describes Minogue's "plea for love" as Minogue invites her partner into her life.[10] The single version of the track often replaces the original album version on digital copies of the album.[11]


The artwork for "Come into My World" was photographed by Nick Knight, who also photographed the single artworks for "Love at First Sight".[6][12][13] During 2002, Minogue launched her Love Kylie lingerie collection, and enlisted Knight to photographed Minogue to promote it; out takes were later re-used for the artwork of "Love at First Sight".[14] Knight was requested by Minogue to shoot the artwork for the "Come into My World" cover sleeve, which features Minogue holding a bouquet of flowers; different coloured lights are projecting against Minogue's skin, similar to the work of her 1997 album, Impossible Princess.[6][15] The second CD features a different pose in the same set, and the DVD artwork features a close-up of the first CD.[6] Minogue's creative collaborator, and close friend, William Baker, commented about the photo shoot; "Kylie possesses that indefinable star quality and charisma that is so often lacking in many of her contemporaries." A high-quality out-take of the single was included into Minogue's 2012 coffee table book, Kylie / Fashion.[16]

Critical reception[edit]

The orchestral arrangement of "Come into My World" was compared to the work of American artist, Tori Amos (pictured).

Chris True from Allmusic highlighted "Come Into My World" as an album stand out from Fever, and a career stand out track.[17][18] Jon O'Brien from the same publication reviewed Minogue's 2011 box set, The Albums 2000–2010 compilation that featured "Come Into My World", and discussed the Fever period by saying "Full of Gaelic guitar licks, filtered house synths, and slinky electro beats, 2001 follow-up Fever has aged much better, but while the superbly hypnotic "Can't Get You Out of My Head" is inarguably her career's best single, the album is far from a one-trick-pony, with the euphoric Stardust-inspired "Love at First Sight," and the chilled-out dream pop of "Come Into My World" also highlighting just how deadly a weapon Minogue's seductive purr is."[19] Scott Harrah from Stagezine commended the singles from Fever and their commercial appeal, stating "It ("Can't Get You Out of My Head") was followed by the singles "Come into My World," "In Your Eyes," and "Love at First Sight," all of which were irresistible dance-pop that made America fall in love with Kylie all over again."[20]

Minogue re-recorded "Come into My World" in an orchestral arrangement for her 2012 compilation, The Abbey Road Sessions; this version received favourable reviews from music critics. Annie Zaleski from The A.V. Club said "Come Into My World" sounds like early Tori Amos, courtesy of a coquettish delivery and classical-inspired piano..."[21] Marc Hirsh from The Boston Globe said "On the other hand, the original was shiver-inducing straight through, and “dediscofying” such mighty (overseas) hits as “I Believe in You” and “Come Into My World” into cocktail folk or Shirley Bassey nightclub soul turns them into trifles. It turns out, those songs really want to dance."[22] A reviewer from said "As great as the original was, it’s listening to the version here, much like hearing all of the songs included on The Abbey Road Sessions, that makes you realise what is perhaps the single greatest achievement of this project – namely, that it has given Minogue what she’s needed all along in order to prove her detractors wrong: the space in which to relax, to breathe, and to simply sing."[23]


At the 2003 ARIA Music Awards, "Come into My World" was nominated for Best Pop Release, and represented Minogue for the Best Female Artist award; she lost both awards to Delta Goodrem's debut album Innocent Eyes as well as her single Born to Try released in 2002, respectively.[24] That same year, Minogue won the Best Music Video for "Come into My World" at the UK CADS Awards.[25] In 2004, "Come into My World" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording;[26] this was Minogue's second consecutive nomination, previously nominated for "Love at First Sight" in 2003 in the same category,[27] and went on to be nominated two more times in 2005 for "Slow",[28] and 2006 for "I Believe in You".[29] Minogue went on to win the award that night; it marked the first time an Australian music artist had won an award in a major category at the American award show since Australian rock band Men at Work won the award for "Best New Artist" in 1982, and the eighth Australian to win a Grammy.[26] The song is Minogue's only Grammy award-winning song to this date.[30] Minogue did not attend the opening for the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California on 8 February 2004, but accepted the award at the backstage press room conference; she attended the Grammy Awards opening a year prior at the same location, her only appearance there.[31][32] Minogue said off the award; "To actually be a recipient is incredibly special, I am thrilled and cannot wait to bring it home."[32]

Chart performance[edit]

"Come into My World" debuted at number eight on the UK Singles Chart, her lowest charting single from Fever, but lasted ten weeks inside the top 100.[33] In Australia, "Come into My World" entered the top ten by debuting at number four on the Australian Singles Chart, staying in the charts for nine weeks.[34] The song was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for shipments of 35,000 units.[35] In New Zealand, the song debuted at number thirty-four on the charts, then rose to number twenty, lasting for eleven weeks in the chart.[36] In the United States, "Come into My World" reached ninety-one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, her lowest charting single in that country until it was tied with her 2003 single, "Slow".[37] The song reached twenty and twenty-eight on the US Dance Club Songs and the Mainstream Top 40, respectively.[38][39] As of March 2011, "Come into My World" is Minogue's fifth highest selling single in the United States, and her third highest selling single from the Fever period, selling 56,000 units.[40]

Music video[edit]

French director, Michel Gondry, directed the music video to "Come into My World".

The video was directed by French director Michel Gondry and updated a concept that he had used in Neneh Cherry's "Feel It" music video.[6] The video was shot on 8 September 2002 at the intersection of Rue du Point du Jour and Rue de Solférino, in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris. Fifty extras were on hand, including Russian actor Sacha Bourdo. The video took fifteen days to design and digitally master.[6] The accompanying video features Kylie strolling around the streets surrounding an intersection within the Boulogne-Billancourt suburb of Paris, France. Every time she completes a full circle, a duplicate of her appears through one of the stores, and by the end of the video there are four Minogues present together. By the time the video concludes there are four unperturbed Minogues amidst an extremely chaotic scene with each background extra also depicted four times. The video ends as a fifth Minogue emerges and the start of a fifth set of extras is glimpsed as the picture fades out.[41]

A reviewer from Slant Magazine placed the video for "Come Into My World" at the top of their Best of the Aughts: Music Videos list.[42] The reviewer compared the video to Zbigniew Rybczyński's short animated film, Tango.[42] Pitchfork Media placed it at fourteen on their The Top 50 Music Videos of the 2000s list.[43] Scott Plagenhoef said of the video: "Arguably the most re-watchable video of the decade, Michel Gondry pulls out the 'Star Guitar' multiplication trick and applies it to Kylie and the streets of Paris."[43] Complex placed it at seventy-nine on their list "Top 100 Music Videos of the 2000s".[44]

Live performances[edit]

Minogue performing the song during her For You, For Me Tour, 2009.

The song was included in the introduction segment of the KylieFever2002 tour, which was launched to promote Fever.[45] "Come into My World" was included on the set list of Minogue's Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour in 2005.[46] Minogue was unable to complete the tour as she was diagnosed with early breast cancer and had to cancel the Australian leg of the tour.[47] After undergoing treatment and recovery, she resumed the concert tour in the form of Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour in 2007, and "Come into My World" was again added to the set list.[48] In 2008, she performed the song on the KylieX2008 tour, which was launched to promote her tenth studio album X. The show was split into eight acts and "Come into My World" was featured on the fifth act entitled "Naughty Manga Girl", in a Fisherspooner remix version.[49] In 2009, she performed the same version of the song on the For You, For Me tour, which was her first concert tour in North America, for the "Xlectro Static" act.[50] Minogue performed an a cappella version for her 2011 Aphrodite World Tour on selected dates, by fan requests.[51] Minogue had included the song on her Kylie Summer 2015, where she performed "Come into My World" at Newmarket, England, and Merseyside, England.[52][53]

Other appearances[edit]

"Come into My World" has been included on several compilation albums released by Minogue. The song's first inclusion was Minogue's 2004 compilation, Ultimate Kylie, which appeared on the second disc.[54] The Fisherspooner remix appeared on Minogue's tenth remix album, Boombox (2008).[55] The orchestral version was released on Minogue's thirteenth greatest hits, and first orchestral compilation, The Abbey Road Sessions.[56] Its most recent appearance is on Minogue's 2011 box set compilation, The Albums 2000–2010, which served on the Fever disc.[57] The music video for "Come into My World" has been included once on Minogue's 2004 video compilation, Ultimate Kylie.[58] The live versions for her Fever Tour, Showgirl: Homecoming Tour, For Me, For You Tour, and Aphrodite World Tour appears on their respective live releases.[59][60][61][62]

Formats and track listings[edit]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the liner notes of "Come into My World".