Come from the Shadows

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Come from the Shadows
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 1972
RecordedQuadrophonic Sound Studios, Nashville, 1972
GenreFolk, Country Folk, Americana
ProducerJoan Baez
Joan Baez chronology
Blessed Are...
Come from the Shadows
Where Are You Now, My Son?

Come from the Shadows was a 1972 album by Joan Baez. After recording for the independent label Vanguard for more than a decade, Baez signed with A&M, and attempted to point her career in a slightly more "commercial" direction (though the album still had overtly political overtones). In addition to her own compositions such as "Prison Trilogy","Love Song to a Stranger", "Myths", and "To Bobby" (addressed to Bob Dylan), Baez included John Lennon's "Imagine", Anna Marly's "Song of the Partisan", and Mimi Fariña's "In the Quiet Morning (for Janis Joplin)".

"In the Quiet Morning" and "Love Song to a Stranger" were released as singles.

The album was recorded at Quadrophonic Sound Studios in Nashville.

The cover photo features an elderly couple being arrested at an anti-war protest, holding hands and flashing peace signs as they are led away.

From the album's liner notes:

"...In 1972 if you don't fight against a rotten thing you become a part of it" - Joan Baez

Critical reception[edit]

Noel Coppage from Stereo Review was underwhelmed by the album, finding much of it "merely generally pleasant" and "poorly constructed".[1] Robert Christgau gave Come from the Shadows a "C+" in Creem magazine. He mocked Baez's attempt at populist politics and her cultivated vocabulary, singling out the lyrics to "Myths": "I don't know about The People, but just plain people say 'scattered upon the four winds,' not 'upon the four winds scattered.' Actually they don't say 'scattered upon the four winds' either".[2] AllMusic's William Ruhlmann later gave it three out of five stars.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)" (Joan Baez) - 4:23
  2. "Rainbow Road" (Donnie Fritts, Dan Penn) - 3:03
  3. "Love Song to a Stranger" (Joan Baez) - 3:55
  4. "Myths" (Joan Baez) - 3:19
  5. "In the Quiet Morning" (Mimi Fariña) - 2:58
  6. "All the Weary Mothers of the Earth (People's Union #1)" (Joan Baez) - 3:34
  7. "To Bobby" (Joan Baez) - 3:53
  8. "Song of Bangladesh" (Joan Baez) - 4:49
  9. "A Stranger in My Place" (Kenny Rogers, Kin Vassy) - 3:07
  10. "Tumbleweed" (Douglas Van Arsdale) - 3:32
  11. "The Partisan" (Anna Marly, Hy Zaret) - 3:17
  12. "Imagine" (John Lennon) - 3:27


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