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Comeandgetit(Liz Phair album) coverart.jpg
EP by Liz Phair
Released June 24, 2003
Genre Rock
Label Capitol
Producer Liz Phair
Michael Penn
Liz Phair chronology
Liz Phair
Somebody's Miracle

comeandgetit is the second EP released by American singer-songwriter Liz Phair composed of 5 out-takes from her self-titled album. It was available as bonus material for those who purchased the album.

Album information[edit]


The CD-ROM portion of the Liz Phair CD contains links to the comeandgetit site where the tracks and cover art are available for download. The tracks are DRM protected, rendering them theoretically unrecordable. comeandgetit was available as a hard copy at select 2004 Liz Phair live shows after purchasing merchandise. Some tangible copies are still scarcely available.

As of 2006, the EP is no longer available for download, even if one has a physical copy of Liz Phair. However, if you did download the EP, Windows Media Player is still able to locate and download the necessary license to play the file.

Additionally, in 2004 Capitol Records prepared a regular manufactured CD of the EP, with the same tracks, but different cover art. This CD was not intended for commercial sale, but instead for promotional distribution.


The EP contains five songs, running just over 14 minutes in length. In the first song, "Jeremy Engle" (a b-side of "Why Can't I"), Phair breathlessly recounts a mundane scene of a well-to-do Manhattan family and their overgrown children sitting around a dinner table arguing, filling the listener in on random details about said table. "Bouncer's Conversation" is written from the perspective of a male bouncer as he critiques, and occasionally fantasizes about, the female clubgoers coming to and going from the bar. "Fine Again" (also a b-side of 'Why Can't I') is a ballad in which Phair reflects on an on-again-off-again relationship currently "on". "Hurricane Cindy" (a different version of the Japanese import track on whitechocolatespaceegg) is a song originally by Phair in 1995. The dark lyrics are sung to an acoustic guitar and rock organ. Finally, the haunting "Shallow Opportunities" features Phair reflecting on a disturbing relationship with a man she has difficulty communicating with.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Liz Phair. Tracks 1-3 produced by Phair and Michael Penn and mixed by Mike Shipley. Track 4 produced by Phair and mixed by Howard Willing. Track 5 demo by Phair.

  1. "Jeremy Engle" – 3:07
  2. "Bouncer's Conversation" – 3:20
  3. "Fine Again" – 2:43
  4. "Hurricane Cindy" – 2:20
  5. "Shallow Opportunities" – 2:35