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A can of Comet

"Comet" was a well-known humorous children's song in North America. It describes the deleterious effects of consuming Comet cleanser—a powdered cleansing product.[1] The most prominent and often-occurring effect in the song is that it turns one's teeth green. Among other effects alleged by this song are an unappealing taste and, unsurprisingly, a tendency to vomit.[2]

Although this song, like many in its genre, has widely variable lyrics,[3][4] a common version contains the following words:

Comet - it makes your teeth turn green!;
Comet - it tastes like gasoline!;
Comet - it makes you vomit;
So buy [or "eat"] some Comet, and vomit, today!

The melody of the song is the "Colonel Bogey March".[5]

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