Comic King

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Comic King
Comic King movie poster
Directed by O Sing-Pui
Produced by Philip Kwok
Written by Lau Ding Kin
Starring Julian Cheung
Ruby Lin
Nicholas Tse
Eason Chan
Hacken Lee
Running time
92 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK $4,014,014.00[citation needed]

Comic King (Chinese: 漫畫風雲; pinyin: Man Hua Feng Yun) is a 2000 Hong Kong comedy film directed by O Sing-Pui. It was shown in cinemas from 19 January 2001 to 21 February 2001.


A romantic triangle turns fantasy into reality in this comedy from Hong Kong. Fung Yip (Julian Cheung) and Mo Wan (Eason Chan) are a pair of young cartoonists who have been hired by a comic book publisher to help write and draw a new superhero comic. Both Fung Yip and Mo Wan become seriously infatuated with Mandy (Ruby Lin), a beautiful girl who works in the office, and as the friends become rivals for her affections, their characters become increasingly contentious; in time, the superheroes they've created come to life and begin settling their differences using their fighting skills. Nicholas Tse also appears in a dual role as the two rival comic book heroes.


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