Comic LO

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Comic LO
Comic LO magazine.png
Logo of magazine
Frequency monthly
First issue October 2002 (2002-October)
Company Akane Shinsha
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Comic LO (コミックエルオー Komikku Eru Ō?) is a Japanese erotic manga magazine featuring fictional prepubescent, early pubescent and highly juvenile-looking girls. Comic LO has been published by Akane Shinsha since October 2002. It was published irregularly until May 2004, when it became a monthly magazine. The "LO" stands for "lolita only".[1] The cover illustrations are by Takamichi.[2] Volume 132 was published January 2015.[3]


Comic LO was originally extra issues of other erotic magazines, but it became independent on December 21, 2005.[4] On May 22, 2010, the publisher put the announcement to stop illegal uploading on its official website.[5]


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