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Toranoana Inc.
Kabushiki kaisha
FoundedJuly 22, 1996
HeadquartersChiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Area served
ProductsBooks, magazines
RevenueJPN 20,000,000
WebsiteOfficial Site

Comic Toranoana (コミックとらのあな) is a dōjin shop operated by the Toranoana Inc. (株式会社 虎の穴). This shop specializes in selling manga-related items. It is also known by the name, "Toranoana", or simply, "Tora".

About the company[edit]

The name, "Toranoana", comes from the name of the professional wrestling company of the same name in the anime series Tiger Mask.

In 1996, the company was established as a yugen kaisha. Soon the company expanded, with Akihabara as a center of this expansion, to many places in Tokyo and other large cities. Then in 2003, the company was converted into a kabushiki kaisha.

List of stores[edit]

Toranoana Akihabara

Currently there are 15 stores in Japan, three of which closed a few years ago.



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