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Comics Village is a British based comics website launched in November 2007 and predominantly aimed at publicizing non-mainstream comics. Over time, it has extended its remit into other forms of pop culture, into providing a different take on the mainstream (i.e. superhero comics) than that provided by the ratings-chasing other comics websites. The site was based on alternative comics (as in comedians) of the UK scene in the 1980s - not being afraid to call a spade a spade, not being afraid to point out the emperor has no clothes, and not beholden to any large US publisher for previews, interviews, etc. - a totally independent comics website.

Early in 2008, Manga Village @ Comics Village launched, rapidly becoming the largest and most in-depth manga reviewing website on the internet - making Comics Village live up to its all-inclusive tag, manga is not a niche at Comics Village, it's a huge section in its own right.

Launch Columnists include: Phil Hall, Rick Sharer, Craig Johnson (formerly Craig Lemon), Paul Rainey, Glenn Carter and Martin Shipp. Other columnists joined over time: Lisa Anderson, Mark Bittmann, Stephen Holland of Page 45.

Comics Village is edited by Craig Johnson. Manga Village by Lori Henderson.


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