Comin' from All Ends

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Comin' From All Ends
Studio album by New Birth
Released 1974 (1974)
Genre R&B
Label RCA
Producer Harvey Fuqua
New Birth chronology
It's Been a Long Time
Comin' From All Ends
Blind Baby

Comin' From All Ends is a studio album by the R&B band the New Birth, released in 1974, RCA Records, produced by Harvey Fuqua.

Track listing[edit]

Side A[1]
  1. "End To End" (The New Birth) 1:07
  2. "Take This Train To Freedom" (Hearndon) 5:07
  3. "I Wash My Hands of the Whole Damn Deal" (Baker-Frey) 6:00
  4. "Lady Love" (Wilson-Jackson-Churchill) 5:00
  5. "Pretty Music" (Jackson-L.Wilson-M.Wilson) 3:31
Side B
  1. "Patiently" (Baker-Wilson-Wiggins) 6:55
  2. "Echoes of My Mind" (Baker-McDaniels-Wilson) 4:43
  3. "Do It Again" (Jones-Sawyer) 5:40
  4. "Comin' From All Ends" (Baker-Wilson) 7:54
  5. "Epilog" (Baker) 1:25


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