Coming Up for Air (Kayak album)

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Coming Up For Air
Studio album by Kayak
Released 2008
Recorded 2007, at KHS Studio, Syco Studio and Shamrock Studio
Genre Progressive rock
Length 60:14
Label SMH
Producer Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman
Kayak chronology
Coming Up For Air
The Anniversary Box

Coming Up For Air is the 13th studio album by Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. It was released in 2008. The song "Undecided" was a single in The Netherlands, featuring the non-albumtrack "Beat The Clock".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Alienation" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:55
  2. "Man In The Cocoon" (Koopman/Oudshoorn)- 2:53
  3. "Time Stand Still" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:21
  4. "Freezing" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:50
  5. "Medea" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:47
  6. "Daughter Of The Moon" (Koopman)- 3:41
  7. "Undecided" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:09
  8. "Sad State Of Affairs" (Koopman)- 4:23
  9. "About You Without You" (Koopman)- 3:16
  10. "The Mask And The Mirror" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:45
  11. "Selfmade Castle" (Koopman/Oudshoorn)- 3:33
  12. "What I'm About To Say" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:24
  13. "Wonderful Day" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 3:44
  14. "Broken White" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 4:25
  15. "Coming Up For Air" (Scherpenzeel/Linders)- 6:12


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