Coming of Age (Breaking Point album)

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Coming of Age
Demo album by
ReleasedJanuary 16, 2001[1]
GenreHard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal
ProducerPaul Ebersold
Justin Rimer
Broken chronology
Coming of Age
Coming of Age

Coming of Age is the original 8-song demo record by alternative rock band Breaking Point, then known as (The) Broken. It was recorded between late-1999 and mid-2000[2] and was released in January 16, 2001. It was a limited release and is now a sought-after collectible.


After guitar player Justin Rimer got a job at the famous Ardent Studios in Memphis, he became an assistant engineer for such then-emerging acts as 3 Doors Down and Train. Rimmer's time at Ardent led to Broken getting a "spec" (sic) deal at the studio.[2] The result of that deal was the original "Coming of Age", an 8-track demo record that was later the basis for Wind-Up to sign the band. Of the record's 8 tracks, five were later remixed and used on the band's debut L.P also titled "Coming of Age".

The E.P version of "Open Wide" features an extended intro that was cut on the later-released L.P. The song "Under" features feedback and lead guitar lines not present in the L.P version. Additionally, the song features older vocal takes in the verses which were re-recorded for the L.P.

Track listing[edit]

1."Coming of Age"Brett Erickson, Justin Rimer4:18
2."27"Erickson, Rimer3:38
3."Open Wide"Erickson, Rimer3:55
4."Get Up"Erickson, Rimer3:00
5."This Distance" 3:22
6."Under"Erickson, Rimer3:36
7."Change" 3:48
8."State of Low" 3:41
Total length:29:13

Coming of Age
Breaking Point Coming of Age.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 25, 2001
GenreHard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge
LabelWind-Up Records
ProducerPaul Ebersold
Matt Martone
Breaking Point chronology
Coming of Age
Coming of Age
Beautiful Disorder
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[3]

Coming of Age is the first album by the alternative rock band Breaking Point, released in 2001. It was recorded with the band's first drummer Jody Abbott. The album's original release included the first 10 tracks, but after the popularity of "One of a Kind" grew, it was added as the 11th track when Coming of Age was later re-released. The album has gone on to sell over 175,000 copies as of April 2008.

Song appearances[edit]

"One of a Kind" served as the entrance theme of WWF professional wrestler Rob Van Dam in 2001 and was included on the compilation album WWF Forceable Entry. Rob Van Dam also appears in the "One of a Kind" music video, in which he loses his car to the band's lead singer, Brett Erickson, in a street race. At the end of the video, he spin kicks the car keys into his opponent's hands.

Other tracks, such as "Coming of Age" and "Falling Down" were frequently played on Muzak Power Rock station in the early 2000s. "Coming of Age" was also featured in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, "27" was in The Scorpion King and is used as the theme song for Japanese professional wrestler Kota Ibushi, and "Falling Down," "Under," and "Phoenix" were all included in Dragonball Z: Cooler's Revenge.

Track listing[edit]

1."Coming of Age"Brett Erickson, Justin Rimer4:08
2."27"Erickson, Rimer3:39
3."Falling Down"Erickson, Rimer3:28
4."Phoenix"Erickson, Rimer3:58
5."Live For Today"Erickson, Rimer4:08
6."Get Up"Erickson, Rimer3:01
7."Brother (featuring Josey Scott)"Erickson, Rimer3:05
8."Angry Side"Erickson, Rimer4:09
9."Open Wide"Erickson, Rimer3:37
10."Under"Erickson, Rimer3:37
11."One of a Kind"Erickson, Rimer3:28
Total length:40:20


Year Song
2001 "Coming of Age"
2002 "One Of A Kind"


  • Brett Erickson - Vocals, Rhythm guitar
  • Justin Rimer - Lead Guitar
  • Greg Edmondson - Bass Guitar
  • Jody Abbott – Drums
  • Chapman Baehler – Photography
  • Glen DiCrocco – Photography
  • Jim Baldree – Digital Editing
  • Jeff Burns – Assistant
  • David Campbell – String Arrangements
  • Paul Ebersold – Producer, Engineer, String Arrangements
  • Ted Jensen – Mastering
  • Chris Johnson – Vocal Producer
  • Greg Ladanyi – Engineer
  • Matt Martone – Producer, Engineer
  • Skidd Mills – Digital Editing
  • Josey Scott – Rap vocals on "Brother"
  • Edward Sherman – Art Direction
  • Mike Shipley – Mixing


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