Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth

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Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth
HMS Impregnable c 1900.jpg
HMS Impregnable, flagship of the Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth, circa 1900
Active 1743 - 1969
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Type Fleet
Garrison/HQ Mount Wise

The Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth was a senior commander of the Royal Navy for hundreds of years. Plymouth Command was a name given to the units, establishments, and staff operating under the admiral's command. Prior to 1914 the holder of the office was often referred to as Commander-in-Chief, Devonport. The Commanders-in-Chief were based in what is now Hamoaze House, Devonport, Plymouth from 1809 to 1934 and then at Admiralty House, Mount Wise, Devonport from 1934 until 1996.[1]


Hamoaze House, formerly Admiralty House, on Mount Wise (centre)

The post dates back to around 1743.[2] It extended along the South Coast from Exmouth in East Devon to Penzance in Cornwall.[3] In 1941, during World War II, elements of Plymouth Command were transferred to Western Approaches Command which was established at Derby House in Liverpool.[4] Meanwhile, Plymouth Command occupied a new combined Headquarters, known as the Maritime Headquarters, at Mount Wise.[5] The post of Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth was merged with that of Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth in 1969 to form Naval Home Command.[6] Between 1952 and 1969 the Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth double-hatted as Plymouth Sub-Area Channel Command (PLYMCHAN) commander in NATO's Allied Command Channel.

After 1969, Admiralty House and the Maritime Headquarters became the home of the Flag Officer, Plymouth until that post was also disbanded in 1996. At around the same time the nearby RN Dockyard and barracks were reconstituted as HM Naval Base Devonport and placed under the command of a Commodore.[5]

Commanders-in-Chief and Flag Officers[edit]

Commanders-in-Chief and Flag Officers have included:[7][8][9]
Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth

Flag Officer, Plymouth