Commando Battalion for Resolute Action

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Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA)[1]
Special Action Force
Common name CoBRA
Motto "यश या मृत्यु"
"Victory or Death"
Agency overview
Formed 12 September, 2008[1]
Annual budget Rs. 13 billion[2]
Legal personality Non government: Central Armed Police Forces
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Population 10,000 Active Personnel[2]
Legal jurisdiction India
Primary governing body Central Reserve Police Force
Secondary governing body Ministry of Home Affairs (India)
General nature
Specialist jurisdictions
  • Counter terrorism, special weapons and tactics, protection of VIPs.
  • Paramilitary law enforcement, counter insurgency, armed response to civil unrest, counter terrorism, special weapons operations.
Operational structure
Headquarters Old Sectretariate, Civil Lines, Delhi.
Agency executive Shri.Dilip Trivedi IPS, Director General
Parent agency Central Reserve Police Force

COBRA (backronym for COmmando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a specialised unit of the CRPF created to counter the Naxalite problem in India.[3][4] This specialised CRPF unit is one of the few units of the Central Armed Police Forces in the country who are specifically trained in guerilla warfare. This elite fighting unit has been trained to track, hunt and eliminate small Naxalite groups.[5] There are currently 10 COBRA units.[1] CoBRA Sector is continuous winner of Best CRPF Anniversary Parade 2009, 2010 and 2011.[1]


COBRA commando

In 2009, the MHA has approved raising of 10 CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) to meet the challenges being posed by naxalites.[6] In view of naxal's violent and focused attacks on Security Forces; it was essential that appropriate counter strategy be evolved which strikes the naxals in their stronghold.[6] Accordingly, in phased manner the CoBRA battalions were raised – 02 Bn in 2008–09, 04 Bn in 2009–10, 04 Bn in 2010–11.[6]

CoBRA Battalions are well trained and adept in multi tasking skills operations in the most arduous terrain.[6] CoBRA personnel are trained in guerrilla warfare, field engineering, tracking of explosives, jungle survival techniques along with ops tactics to fight insurgents. Specialized training programme includes jungle warfare, Ops planning and execution, physical endurance, map reading and GPS, intelligence, heli-slithering.[6]

Special intelligence courses have been conducted under premier intelligence agencies to train troops in intelligence collection.[6] To maintain uniformity of standards and evolution of a unique CoBRA ethos as well as training of troops, a dedicated CoBRA school of jungle warfare & tactics is under active consideration.[6]

CoBRA Bn, true to its training and competence have killed 61 naxals and apprehended 866 suspects as well as recovered huge amount of arms, ammunition and explosives till 2011.[6] The CoBRA personnel's efforts have also been acknowledged with 200 plus DG commendation discs.[6] The valour and gallant actions of CoBRA have been recognised and the personnel have been decorated with 09 Gallantry medals including two Shaurya Chakra.[6] CoBRA Commando Ashish Kumar Tiwari was awarded Shaurya Chakra for single handedly pinning down a squad of Maoists which resulted in the killing of top naxal leader and Asst Commandant RV Mishra for taking down a group of 32 maoist in jharkhand in a clandestine operation with a team of only 8 and killing 5 maoist even after a mine shredded his leg while trying to save a fellow member.[6]


The Indian government established 10 units for CoBRA since 2008.[1]

Firearms & Equipment[edit]

Cobra is the best-equipped Central Armed Police unit in the country,[7] set up with a grant of 13 thousand million [ long scale ] (or 13 billion [ Short scale ]) from the Central government.[citation needed] They have been armed as a regular infantry platoon with:-
1.INSAS rifles
2.AK rifles
4.Browning Hi-Power
5.Glock pistols
6.Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns
7.Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.[citation needed]
Cobras also have hi-tech electronic surveillance equipment and well-trained sniper teams, armed with:-
8.Dragunov SVD
9. Mauser SP66
10.Heckler & Koch MSG-90 sniper rifles.[5]

All the equipment for the Cobra is manufactured indigenously by the Indian Ordnance Factories controlled by the Ordnance Factories Board, Ministry of Defence, Government of India.[8][9]


Cobras are trained in the Army’s elite Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School in Mizoram and CRPF's anti terrorist school in Silchar. They are adept in the art of camouflage and jungle warfare.Some regiments of CoBRA are given halo jump training like the parachute regiment. Their role is to carry out reconnaissance and long range patrols, gather intelligence on the whereabouts of the insurgents, and also carry out ambushes and precision strikes when required. Their sniper teams can also be used to headshot key targets.[5]

CoBRA members are assigned to an Army unit for six months following their basic training. After this, they may be assigned to counter-Naxal activities.[10]

Major Operations[edit]

  • Ops conducted in Singamdgu Dantewada distt. on 17 September 2009 in which approx 30–40 Maoists were believed to have been killed .[1]
  • On 9 January 2010 under PS Jagargunda in distt. Dantewada, 04 Maoists were killed and 01 12 Bore Gun with 04 Cartridges, 03 Muzzle Loading Gun, 02 Tiffin Bomb, 01 Country made bomb, Drum and Maoists literature with photographs were recovered.[1]
  • Ops Jaws carried out by 08 teams of 203 CoBRA from 11 TO 15 June in area of PS Sonua & Bandgaon Distt.- W/ Singhbhum, Jharkhand in which a full fledged Maoists camp was destroyed and reportedly 12 Maoists cadres were killed.[1]
  • During a special ops launched in Duli forest area in W/Midnapur distt. (WB) on 15–16 June 2010, 08 Maoists cadres were killed and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.[1]
  • During a special ops launched in Kayma forest area in W/Midnapur Distt. (WB) from 25–26 July 2010, 06 Maoists cadres were killed and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.[1]
  • In a special ops launched in Saranda forest area in Distt. – W/Singhbhum, Jharkhand from 24-28 September 2010 Cobra teams were able to penetrate deep in forest and kill one Maoist, apprehend 4 Maoists cadres, bust 12 Maoist camps and recover of arms/amn/explosives.[1]


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