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Commelinidae is a botanical name at the rank of subclass. Circumscription of the subclass will vary with the taxonomic system being used (there are many such systems); the only requirement being that it includes the family Commelinaceae. A well-known system that did use this name is the Cronquist system (1981), but it was also used by the Takhtajan system:

In the Takhtajan system[edit]

In the Takhtajan system treats this as one of six subclasses within the class Liliopsida (=monocotyledons). It consists of

Commelinidae in the Cronquist system[edit]

In the Cronquist system treats this as one of four subclasses within the class Liliopsida (=monocotyledons). It consists of:

APG system[edit]

The APG II system does not use formal botanical names above the rank of order; most of the plants involved here are assigned to the clade commelinids in the monocots (its predecessor, the APG system used the clade commelinoids).[1][2]


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