Commercial Secretary to the Treasury

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United Kingdom
Commercial Secretary to the Treasury
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
Office not in use

since 23 September 2016
HM Treasury
Appointer Elizabeth II
Inaugural holder The Lord Sassoon
Formation May 2010
Website HM Treasury

The Commercial Secretary to the Treasury is a United Kingdom Government ministerial post in HM Treasury which ranks at Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State level.[1] On the resignation of Lord O'Neill of Gatley in September 2016, the office ceased to be in use, but Lord Young of Cookham was named to serve as Treasury spokesman in the House of Lords.[2]

List of office holders[edit]

Colour key (for political parties):

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister Chancellor
Lord Sassoon James sassoon low.jpg May 2010 3 January 2013 Conservative Cameron
Lord Deighton Paul Deighton speech crop.jpg 3 January 2013 14 May 2015 Conservative
Lord O'Neill of Gatley Jim O’Neill 2016.jpg 14 May 2015 23 September 2016 Conservative Cameron
May Hammond
Office not in use 2016–present


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