Commercial Street, Bangalore

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Coordinates: 12°58′56″N 77°36′30″E / 12.9821663°N 77.6083553°E / 12.9821663; 77.6083553

Commercial Street during Eid in 2012.

Commercial Street is a street in Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka, India. One of the oldest and busiest shopping areas of the city,[1][2] the street is famous for its trade in clothes, footwear, jewellery, electronics; and food joints.[3][4] With only 75 parking slots available on the street for four-wheelers,[5] the street is one of the most crowded in the city.

Commercial Street lies in the heart of the city in the Central Business District area, close to M G Road, another popular shopping area, and Russell Market in Shivajinagar.[6]



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