Commercial Street (San Francisco)

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Commercial Street
San Francisco Commercial Street 1.jpg
Looking west up Commercial Street from Montgomery Street.
Maintained by San Francisco DPW
Location San Francisco
East end Sansome Street
West end Grant Avenue

Commercial Street is a street in San Francisco, California that runs from Sansome Street to Grant Avenue.

The eastern end of Commercial Street was originally the waterfront before it was filled in for real estate. It led to the Financial District and is the location of both the original San Francisco Mint, which is now the Pacific Heritage Museum, and the California headquarters for the Hudson's Bay Company.

It is one of only two streets in San Francisco oriented directly toward the tower of the ferry building (the other being Market Street).

Also of note, Commercial Street is showcased in the 1950 film noir thriller, Woman on The Run, directed by Norman Foster. The location in particular: Sullivan's Grotto, 776 Commercial Street --- Commercial Street side entrance of Eastern Bakery at 720 Grant Avenue.

Parts of Commercial Street also contain circular designs of embedded brick taken from the street before the city paved the street.

Famous photographer Benjamen Chinn lived on Commercial Street and played a part ensuring the street brick patterns remained so as to pay homage to its historical significance as part of Chinatown's rich history.