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Commercially Important Person (CIP - Bangladesh)
Awarded forExcellence in business for Bangladesh
Sponsored byGovernment of Bangladesh
Presented byMinistry of Commerce

A Commercially Important Person (CIP) is used to refer to high value commercial clients, a term typically used in the context of airport business lounges especially in Asian countries,[1] but also more generally amongst travel agencies.[2] In Bangladesh the term has a much more specific usage and is a national-level honour.

In Bangladesh[edit]

In Bangladesh a CIP is an individual who is allowed to receive a number of benefits and facilities for the period of one year after recognition for their contribution to their respective sector. Such a CIP receives a special id card from the Ministry of Commerce and from the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.[3] Such CIPs are invited to the Citizen's reception for various national ceremonies including entry to the Bangladesh Secretariat and the city corporation. CIP's have priority seating opportunities in most domestic public transport during business trips.

To facilitate visas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a 'Letter of Introduction' to the Embassy concerned.[4] CIP's get access to the Very important person (VIP) lounges at airports, and their family members receive priority when booking cabins at government hospitals.

Generally, CIP's are either those who export products or those regarding businesses. CIP's primary list is prepared based on the amount of export, income tax and value-added tax (VAT), the type of business, employment, etc. Afterward, the people who qualify are selected for the honor.


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