Commissaire Moulin

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Commissaire Moulin
Also known as Commissaire Moulin, police judiciaire
Created by Paul Andréota and Claude Boissol
Country of origin  France
No. of episodes 70
Running time 90 minutes
Original network TF1
Original release 4 August 1976 – 5 June 2008

Commissaire Moulin (English: Police Commissioner Moulin) is a French television series created by Paul Andréota and Claude Boissol and starring Yves Rénier as the title character, Commissaire Jean-Paul Moulin. The show started in 1976, was canceled in 1982, resumed in 1989 and finally ended in 2008. The entire series spans seventy 90 minute episodes.


The series follows the adventures of lighthearted Jean-Paul Moulin, a police Commissaire, and his team as they solve crimes.


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Guy Lefranc & Gérard Marx direct 1 Episode.


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