Committed (comic strip)

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Author(s) Michael Fry
Current status / schedule Defunct
Launch date 1994
End date February 19, 2006
Syndicate(s) United Media
Genre(s) Family

Committed was an American comic strip written and drawn by Michael Fry. It ran from 1994 to 2006 and was syndicated by United Feature Syndicate. The strip was a family-oriented strip, focusing on a suburban family composed of two young children and their parents. It was also adapted into an animated TV series in 2001.


Committed was first published in 1994, and was drawn and written by former Houston Post editorial cartoonist Michael Fry. The strip centered on a family composed of Liz and Joe Larsen, daughters Tracy and Zelda, and their dog, Bob. It took a single-panel format in dailies, and a typical multi-panel format on Sundays. The comic's humor was based on the two working parents and their trying to raise children.[1] One year after the strip began, Fry began a second strip, Over the Hedge, with T. Lewis.

Committed was adapted into an animated television series, also entitled Committed. This aired on Canadian channel CTV[2] and American channel WE tv.

Fry ended Committed on February 19, 2006, stating that he was "creatively done with it". At the end of its run, Committed ran in only forty-five newspapers.[3]


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