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The Committee I, or the Permanent Oversight Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services (Dutch: Vast Comité van Toezicht op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten, French: Comité permanent de contrôle des services de renseignements et de sécurité), exercises external oversight over the Belgian State Security Service and the General Intelligence and Security Service. It is responsible to the Belgian Senate, the upper house of the Belgian Federal Parliament, which appoints and dismisses its members.

It consists of three members, including a Chairperson, who are appointed for a term of five years by the Belgian Senate. This term may be renewed only once. Its members are chosen from among magistrates, senior police officials or persons with significant administrative or scientific experience, however, the Chairperson must be a magistrate. The Chairperson of the Committee I is currently Guy Rapaille, Solicitor General at the Liège Court of Appeal, He was appointed by the Senate on 30 March 2006 and took the oath of office on 4 July 2006. The other two are Pieter-Alexander De Brock & Gerald Vande Walle both civil servants

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