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The Committee for Employment and Learning was a Northern Ireland Assembly committee established to advise, assist and scrutinise the work of the Department for Employment and Learning and Minister of Employment and Learning. The committee also played a key role in the consultation, consideration and development of new legislation.[1]

The committee was abolished in 2016 because the Department of Employment and Learning was closed and its mandate was transferred to other departments.


Membership before the closure of the Department of Employment and Learning:

Party Member
Alliance Anna Lo
DUP Alex Easton
DUP David Hilditch
DUP William Irwin
DUP Robin Newton (Deputy Chairperson)
Sinn Féin Paul Butler
Sinn Féin Claire McGill
Sinn Féin Sue Ramsey (Chairperson)
SDLP Alex Attwood
UUP David McClarty
UUP Rev Dr Robert Coulter

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