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The Committee on Finance (Swedish: Finansutskottet, FiU) is a committee in the Parliament of Sweden. The committee prepares matters concerning general guidelines for financial policy, adoption of the central government budget and matters concerning the activities of the Riksbank. It also prepares matters concerning expenditure limits for expenditure areas and estimates of state revenue.

The Committee on Finance also prepares matters concerning monetary, credit, currency and national debt policy, the credit and finance markets, the commercial insurance market and the National Audit Office, insofar as these matters do not fall to the Committee on the Constitution to prepare. The committee also deals with matters relating to local government finance, the state as employer, national statistics, accounting, audits and administrative efficiency, State property and public procurement in general, certain administrative finance issues and budgetary questions of a technical nature.

The committee prepares appropriations falling within expenditure areas 2 - Economy and fiscal administration, 25 - General grants to local government, 26 - Interest on the national debt, etc.), and 27 - The contribution to the European Community.

As with the other committees, the Committee on Finance consists of seventeen elected MPs (at least one from each party). The current chairman is Fredrik Olovsson of the Social Democrats.

List of Committee Chairpersons[edit]

Name Term Political Party
  Sven Ekström 1971–1974 Social Democrats
  Nils G. Åsling 1974–1976 Centre Party
  Björn Molin 1976–1979 Liberal People's Party
  Eric Enlund 1979–1982 Liberal People's Party
  Mats Hellström 1982–1983 Social Democrats
  Arne Gadd 1983–1988 Social Democrats
  Anna-Greta Leijon 1988–1990 Social Democrats
  Hans Gustafsson 1990–1991 Social Democrats
  Per-Ola Eriksson 1991–1994 Centre Party
  Jan Bergqvist 1994–2002 Social Democrats
  Sven-Erik Österberg 2002–2004 Social Democrats
  Arne Kjörnsberg 2004–2006 Social Democrats
  Stefan Attefall 2006–2010 Christian Democrats
  Anna Kinberg Batra 2010–2014 Moderate Party
  Fredrik Olovsson 2014– Social Democrats

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