Committee on Justice (parliament of Sweden)

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The Committee on Justice (Swedish: Justitieutskottet, JuU) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Sweden. The committee prepares matters concerning the judicial system. This policy area includes the courts, the public prosecution service, the police service, the correctional care system and the National Council for Crime Prevention, the National Board of Forensic Medicine and the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority.[1] The committee also prepares matters concerning the Penal Code (Swedish: Brottsbalken) and the Code of Judicial Procedure (Swedish: Rättegångsbalken).[1]

The Committee on Justice was established in 1971. Like the other standing committees of the Parliament of Sweden, the Committee on Justice consists of 17 elected Members of Parliament (at least one from each party). Traditionally, the chairman of the Committee on Justice is chosen from the largest opposition party.


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