European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism

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The Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) is a committee of the European Parliament. Its current chair is the French MEP Karima Delli of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance.

Research service[edit]

The Committee is directly supported by a research service, the Policy Department for Structural & Cohesion Policies. Most of its research studies and briefings are published online. The publications do not necessarily reflect the view of the Committee.

Recent publications (as of May 2018):

Transport and tourism for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

Transport and Tourism in Greece

Road enforcement databases: economic feasibility and costs

Transport and Tourism in Ireland

European Tourism Labelling

Battery-powered electric vehicles: market development and lifecycle emissions

The “Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor” in the regions of Catania, Augusta and Naples

The new Silk Route – opportunities and challenges for EU transport

Odometer tampering: measures to prevent it

Infrastructure funding challenges in the sharing economy

Transport in California

Decarbonisation of EU transport

Health tourism in the EU: a general investigation

Road Transport Hauliers in the EU: Social and Working Conditions

Passenger night trains in Europe: the end of the line?

Transport and Tourism in the Baltic States

Prospects for “Remote” En-Route Air Traffic Services

The EU Maritime Transport System: Focus on Ferries

Safe Integration of Drones into Airspace


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