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There are fifteen parliamentary committees in the Riksdag, Sweden's parliament. Each committee is made up of seventeen elected MPs, with at least one member from each political party. Additionally, the committee on EU Affairs, while not one of the standing committees, has a similar role.

Current committees[edit]

Civil Affairs (Civilutskottet)
The Committee on Civil Affairs was formed on 1 October 2006. This committee overtook issues that were previously handled by the Committee on Civil Law (Lagutskottet) and the Committee on Housing (Bostadsutskottet). Currently the committee is chaired by Emma Hult of the Green Party.
The Constitution (Konstitutionsutskottet)
The first Committee on the Constitution was established in the Riksdag of the Estates in May 1809. The committee played a decisive role in bringing about a new Instrument of Government, which was adopted on 6 June 1809. The existence of a Committee on the Constitution and other parliamentary committees was further regulated in the current Instrument of Government from 1974.
The committee prepares matters concerning the Fundamental Laws of the Realm (Rikets grundlagar) and the Riksdag Act (Riksdagsordningen) and certain other legislation. The current chairman is Karin Enström of the Moderate Party.[1]
Cultural Affairs (Kulturutskottet)
Led by Christer Nylander (Liberals).
Defence (Försvarsutskottet)
The committee is led by Beatrice Ask of Moderate Party.
Education (Utbildningsutskottet)
Social Democrat Gunnilla Svantorp leads the committee.
Environment and Agriculture (Miljö- och jordbruksutskottet)
Chaired currently by Kristina Yngwe (Greens).
Finance (Finansutskottet)
The current chair of the committee is Fredrik Olovsson of the Social Democrats.[2]
Foreign Affairs (Utrikesutskottet)
The current chairman of the committee is Kenneth G. Forslund of the Social Democrats[3]
Health and Welfare (Socialutskottet)
Emma Henriksson of Christian Democrats is the committee chairperson.
Industry and Trade (Näringsutskottet)
Current chairman is Carl-Oskar Bohlin (Moderate Party).
Justice (Justitieutskottet)
Established in 1971, the committee considers matters concerning the judicial system, the Penal Code (Brottsbalken), and the Code of Judicial Procedure (Rättegångsbalken).
The Labour Market (Arbetsmarknadsutskottet)
Anna Johansson of Social Democrats leads the work in the committee.
Social Insurance (Socialförsäkringsutskottet)
Moderate Maria Malmer Stenergard currently chairs the committee.
Taxation (Skatteutskottet)
The current chair is Jörgen Hellman of Swedish Social Democratic Party.
Transport and Communications (Trafikutskottet)
Currently chaired by Jens Holm of the Left Party.
European Union Affairs (EU-nämnden)
In consultation with the government, this committee is responsible for formulating Sweden's policies at the Council of Ministers meetings. The chair of the committee is Åsa Westlund (Social Democrats).

Former committees[edit]

There are six committees that no longer meet:

  • Secret Committee
  • Committee on the State
  • Committee on General Affairs and the Economy
  • Committee on the Accords
  • Committee on Civil Law
  • Committee on Housing

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