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Origin Cambridge, United Kingdom
Genres Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk
Labels Metalheadz / Hospital Records
Members Guy Brewer, George Levings

Commix is a drum and bass duo from Cambridge, UK.[1]


Based in Cambridge, Commix originally comprised George Levings, Guy Brewer and Conrad Whittle.[2] As a DJ/production team, they began working together in 2002 and the trio released a series of 12-inch singles on the Aquasonic, Tangent Recordings, Good Looking Records, Creative Source and labels, with notable tracks including 2003's "Feel Something", and 2004's "Herbie" and "Surround".[2] After Whittle's departure, Commix was signed to Goldie's label Metalheadz in 2005. The trio met when they were at an international Pokémon competition.[citation needed]

Commix's signature track, "Satellite Song", was featured on the Metalheadz compilation Winter Of Content, while two other club favourites ("Urban Legend" and "If I Should Fall") were paired up on a 12-inch single. Their debut album, Call To Mind, was released in summer 2007, to generally positive reviews.[3][4][5][6] Call To Mind was the second release of an artist album on Metalheadz, after Goldie's Rufige Kru alter-ego's Malice in Wonderland.[7] The duo has also notably remixed tracks by artists including Bebel Gilberto, Adam F and DJ Die.[8]


Commix's sound has been influenced by many different musical genres. Their sound features elements of liquid funk,[9] techno, soul and even house. Levings previously played saxophone, flute and piano, before venturing into the hip hop and electronic music scenes.[citation needed] Similarly, Brewer had a wide-ranging interest in music before being introduced to drum and bass.



  • Call To Mind (2007)
  • FabricLive.44 (Feb 2009)
  • Re:Call to Mind (2010)
  • Dusted (2012)


  • "Feel Something" (2003)
  • "Herbie" (2004)
  • "Surround" (2004)
  • "Satellite Song" (2005)
  • "Urban Legend" (2005)
  • "If I Should Fall" (2005)
  • "How You Gonna Feel" (feat. Steve Spacek)
  • "The Perfect Blue" (2006)
  • "Be True / Satellite Type 2" (2007)
  • "Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) / Solvent" (2007)
  • "Talk To Frank / Electric" (2007)
  • "Envious / Justified" (2009)


  • DJ Fresh - When The Sun Goes Down (Commix Remix) (2004)
  • Bebel Gilberto – Aganjú
    • (Commix Vocal Mix) (2004)
    • (Commix Dub Mix) (2004)
  • DJ Die - Autumn (Remixed by Commix) (2004)
  • Suv – Suenos Different (Commix Remix) (2004)



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