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Parent company Avex Group
Founded 2006
Founder Ryuichi Sakamoto and Max Matsuura
Status Active
Distributor(s) Rhythm Zone (via Avex Marketing)
Genre J-pop, electropop, new-age
Country of origin Japan
Location Aoyama, Tokyo
Official website

Commmons is a Japanese record label founded by Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. Avex Group, Japan's biggest independent record label, is its official parent company.


Commmons was founded in 2006 by Sakamoto with the help of Avex and its founder and president, Max Matsuura. The word Commmons has three M's because the 3rd M stands for music. On the initiative's "About" page, the label is described as a project that "aims to find new possibilities for music, while making meaningful contribution to culture and society."[1]


It is distributed by Rhythm Zone, Avex's urban and R&B record label, and uses the catalog code "RZCM-4****". It also serves as a distributing label for Thrill Jockey and Raster-Noton in Japan.



Commmons' official slogan is Think Global, Act Local.

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