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This article is about the Commodore magazine. For the BBC Micro magazine, see Disk User.
Commodore Disk User
Commodore Disk User issue 1, November/December 1987
Former editors Stuart Cooke
Paul Eves
Categories Computer magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue November 1987
Final issue
— Number
October 1991
Company Argus Specialist Publications
Alphavite Publications
Country United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 0953-0614

Commodore Disk User, also referred to as CDU, was a magazine for the Commodore range of computers, including the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Commodore Plus/4. Each issue had a cover mounted disk containing software.


It was published by Argus Specialist Publications[1] that published the Your Commodore magazine and was aimed at Commodore users who had a 1541 disk drive and did not want to have to type in program listings.[2] It also meant that larger programs could be included with the magazine. Initially, an issue of the magazine was published every two months but after two years, it was changed to being published every month.[2]

The magazine survived up until the end of 1991; the last issue (number 36) was cover dated October 1991.[2] Copies were scanned into in 2011.[2]

Cover mounted disk containing "£30 worth of software"


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