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Commodore OS Vision
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Commodore OS 250px.png
Commodore OS desktop
Developer Commodore USA
OS family Unix-like
Working state Discontinued [1]
Source model Open source
Latest release (Beta) 9 / July 3rd, 2012 [1]
Update method APT
Package manager dpkg
Platforms x86-64
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Userland GNU
Default user interface GNOME 2
License GNU General Public License, others
Official website Obsolete (dead) Commodore OS Vision

Commodore OS (full name: Commodore OS Vision) was a free-to-download Linux distribution developed by Commodore USA and intended for its PCs. The distribution was based on Debian and Linux Mint, available only for x86-64 architectures, and used the GNOME 2 desktop environment. The first public beta version was released on 11 November 2011.[2] It has been continually updated through Commodore OS Vision 0.8 Beta and never came out of beta phase. 1.0 did come out of Beta and was released on

Commodore OS Vision was a free download and the software was under continual development. There are no warranties regarding its usage or applicability. This operating system is no longer in development. The company is now closed and its web site is no longer active.


Commodore OS was not compatible with Commodore 64 software. It did contain VICE, an open-source program which emulates the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, CBM-II, Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore Plus/4.[3]


Commodore OS was designed as a way to imitate the look and feel of Commodore's legacy systems, and as a complement to the all-in-one-keyboard style of the personal computer. Commodore OS includes a large collection of specifically selected software aimed at creativity, gaming, media, and other tasks.

However, it was fully compatible only to CommodoreUSA products often causing kernel panic on general PCs. An Improved Fusion version was promised but never released.

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