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Common Choice (Spoločná voľba) was an election union in Slovakia from 1994-1997.

Members were the post-communist Party of the Democratic Left (SDL), the Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (SDSS), the minor Farmers movement, the Slovak Green Party and the minor Left Bloc.

The SDSS did not get into the Slovak parliamenta in 1992, which was the reason they joined the Common Choice.

Common Choice gained 10.18% (18 seats) in the Slovak parliament. This was beneath all expectations.[1] They did not form a part of the government.

In 1997 the SDL pledged to support the government of Vladimír Mečiar while the SDSS focussed themselves on the other opposition parties and later joined the Slovak Democratic Coalition. Because of this rift, the Common Choice failed and split into different factions.[2]


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