Common Dead

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Common Dead
Origin Chicago, United States[1][2]
Genres Thrash metal, melodic death metal, groove metal[3]
Years active 2009–2013[4]
Labels Independent
Members Andrew Laurenson

Common Dead is a melodic thrash/groove metal band from Chicago, United States and served as alter ego for musician Andrew P. Laurenson.[5][2][6] The band is considered one of the background players in the new wave of American heavy metal.[7][8]


Common Dead is classified as melodic death metal[9][10] by various sources, although the band touches on melodic thrash metal,[9] groove metal, and alternative metal[2] influences. Laurenson is the band's sole proprietor and has performed all instrumentation for all recorded efforts thus far. He plays lead/rhythm guitar and vocals for live occasions.[11]

Common Dead debuted with a self-titled album in 2009[12] that earned favorable reviews from press.[13][14] In an interview with,[15] Laurenson commented that the band revolves around a melodic guitar influence and raw, forthright vocals. A four-track EP was released in January 2011 entitled Interim Flesh, which experimented with industrial metal influences[16] not typical of the band's style. The EP scored warm praise from critics.[17]

The band released an album Diatribe in February 2012. It was met with generally positive reviews from numerous sources. [18] [3][19][20] The band has so far released three music videos for songs from this album. One titled "Critical Mass" was broadcast on Underground Video TV.[21][22][23][24] The following year, the album Allegorize was released. [25]

Metal Underground interviewed the band after a raw mix for a Fear Factory cover came out on YouTube. Common Dead recorded a cover for "Flashpoint" as one instrumentalist. They also announced that new members would be joining the band for live performances.[26] A break in activity was confirmed in 2013 as Laurenson moved towards other projects.[27]


  • Common Dead (full-length, 2009)
  • Interim Flesh (EP, 2011)
  • Come Get Some: Alternate Studio Version (Single, 2011)[28]
  • Diatribe (full-length, 2012)
  • Allegorize (full-length, 2013)


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