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Aberdeen's Common Good Fund is a fund to benefit the people of Aberdeen, Scotland. It was created as a result of Robert the Bruce granting the cities Great Charter in 1319, after they sheltered him during his days of outlaw.[1] In 2005, the value of the fund was £31 million.[2]

Along with the Great Charter, Bruce gave Aberdeen the Forest of Stocket (now the Mid Stocket area of the city), in return for a yearly rent. As a result of the finances generated from the forest, the Common Good Fund was created to benefit the people of the city. Later, the lands of Cruvie (now Woodside) and Rubislaw were also granted to the people.

The fund helped to create Marischal College by giving land to George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal to help him build the institution; it helped the people during the 1640 plague and also gave funds to Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Central Library, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and the purchase of Hazlehead Park.[3]

In recent times it has been used to provide the elderly with tea dances and a festival for older people.[4] It is also used to help charity as has been a substantial contributor to the Instant Neighbour Trust in the past.[3]

Other Funds[edit]

There are 195 other Common Good Funds around Scotland although the number and size of each has dwindled over the years due to mismanagement, lack of interest, and illegal sales to private interests. See "Who Owns Scotland" and "Common Good—A Quick Guide" by Andy Wightman.


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