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The Government of Canada’s Common Look and Feel (CLF) Standards for the Internet governed the branding, usability & accessibility standards for its websites and web applications from 2000 - 2010. It comprised the following four parts, now rescinded:[1]

Government of Canada Web Standards[edit]

The Common Look and Feel (CLF) Standards for the Internet have been replaced with four Web Standards that incorporate current web practices such as WCAG 2.0, as well as designing for a plethora of devices, browsers and assistive technologies through which people navigate the Web.

As of 2014, the Government of Canada Web Standards consist of the following four mandatory policies:


In 2000, the Canadian CLF 1.0 standard was implemented and government departments had almost two years to make their sites compliant.

In 2007, the Canadian CLF standard was revised and a 2.0 version was released.[1] Government of Canada organizations were given two years to comply.

In 2010, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat announced that CLF 2.0 would be replaced by four Web Standards to:

  • take into account the most recent version of internationally accepted Web content accessibility guidelines;
  • increase flexibility of Website layout and design;
  • enable institutions to incorporate the use of innovative and emerging technologies to their online information and services.[2]

With various concerns having been raised over problems created by the CLF requirements,[3][4] future versions[5] of the standard may see significant changes.[6]


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