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Common Struggle – Libertarian Communist Federation or Lucha Común – Federación Comunista Libertaria (formerly the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) or the Fédération des Communistes Libertaires du Nord-Est)[1] is a platformist anarchist communist organization based in the northeast region of the United States.[2] NEFAC was launched at a congress held in Boston, Massachusetts over the weekend of April 7–9, 2000,[3] following months of discussion between former Atlantic Anarchist Circle affiliates, ex-Love and Rage members in the United States, and ex-members of the Demanarchie newspaper collective in Quebec City. It was founded as a bilingual French and English-speaking federation with member and supporter groups in the northeast of the United States, southern Ontario and the Quebec province. The organization split up in 2008. The Québécois membership reformed as the Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)[4] and the U.S. membership retained the name NEFAC, before changing its name to Common Struggle in 2011. Former members based in Toronto went on to help found Common Cause,[5] an Ontario-based platformist organization.

Common Struggle is affiliated with the international platformist website project Anarkismo, and was associated with the now defunct International Libertarian Solidarity.

The Northeastern Anarchist is the official English language publication of Common Struggle.[6]

Common Struggle's creation was inspired by the Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists. The platform was created by Nestor Makhno and other anarchist exiles in 1926.[7]

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