Common palmar digital arteries

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Common palmar digital arteries
Palmar view of the left hand, showing the common palmar digital arteries in context.
Sobo 1909 723.png
Lateral aspect of finger, with artery labeled a common volar digital artery.
Source superficial palmar arch
Branches proper palmar digital arteries
Vein palmar digital veins
Latin arteriae digitales palmares communes, arteriae digitales volares communes
TA A12.2.09.057
FMA 22852
Anatomical terminology

Three common palmar digital arteries arise from the convexity of the superficial palmar arch and proceed distally on the second, third, and fourth lumbricales muscles.

Alternative names for these arteries are:[1] common volar digital arteries,[2] ulnar metacarpal arteries, arteriae digitales palmares communes,[3] or aa. digitales volares communes.[4]

Each of these arteries receive the corresponding volar metacarpal artery and then divide into a pair of proper palmar digital arteries (q.v.).

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Footnotes and references[edit]

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  3. ^ This is the official and international Latin term as defined by the Terminologia Anatomica (TA), but in English speaking countries and especially the US, common palmar digital arteries is more commonly used.
  4. ^ Again, palmar and volar may be used synonymously, but aa. digitales volares communes does not occur in the TA, and can therefore be considered deprecated.
  5. ^ titled Superficial Volar Arch in this picture, which is an alternative term

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