Commonwealth (statue)

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Artist Roland Hinton Perry
Year 1905 (1905)
Type Gilded statue
Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Commonwealth on the Pennsylvania state quarter.

Commonwealth is a 14-foot-6-inch (4.42 m) gilded statue atop the dome of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is nicknamed Miss Penn and the Spirit of the Commonwealth.[1] It is also sometimes called Letitia, after the daughter of William Penn, the assumed inspiration for the statue.


Commonwealth is the "symbolic embodiment" of a commonwealth. It stands on a 4 feet (1.2 m) diameter globe and holds staff, to symbolize justice, in its left hand.[1] The staff is topped with a garland and an eagle with outstretched wings. Its right arm is eternally extended in benediction and blessing of the state.[1]


Commonwealth was sculpted by Roland Hinton Perry and was installed on the dome on May 25, 1905. The statue was removed for restoration by helicopter in the summer of 1998.[1] The statue was placed back onto the dome by Skycrane in September of the same year, after restoration.


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Coordinates: 40°15′52″N 76°53′01″W / 40.26435°N 76.88356°W / 40.26435; -76.88356