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This article is about the Pennsylvania think tank. For the London-based organization, see Commonwealth Foundation.
Commonwealth Foundation
Commonwealth Foundation Logo.png
Formation 1987
Type Public policy think tank
Region served
Matthew Brouillette
Revenue: $2,810,324
Expenses: $2,665,762
(FYE December 2013)[1]

The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives is a nonpartisan think tank based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.[2] It develops and advances fiscally conservative and libertarian public policies.[3][4] The organization's stated mission is to "transform free-market ideas into public policies so all Pennsylvanians can flourish."[5]


The Commonwealth Foundation was founded in 1987 by Don Eberly.[6]


The organization supports the privatization of Pennsylvania's state-run liquor stores.[7] The Commonwealth Foundation is a proponent of increased school choice through charter schools and school vouchers.[8] The organization supported former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell's proposal to privatize or lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.[9]

The organization's projects include, which describes every bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and, a website that documents the activities of Pennsylvania's teacher's unions.[2][4]


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