Commonwealth Range

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Commonwealth Range
Highest point
PeakFlat Top (Ross Dependency)
Elevation4,000 m (13,123 ft) [1] 84° 41' S; 171° 55' E
Coordinates84°41′S 171°55′E / 84.683°S 171.917°E / -84.683; 171.917[1]
Length144 km (89 mi) N-S [2]
Width66 km (41 mi) E-W [2]
Area4,820 km2 (1,860 sq mi) [2]
Range coordinates84°15′S 172°13′E / 84.250°S 172.217°E / -84.250; 172.217Coordinates: 84°15′S 172°13′E / 84.250°S 172.217°E / -84.250; 172.217
Commonwealth Range is located in Antarctica
Commonwealth Range
Commonwealth Range
Commonwealth Range in Antarctica

The Commonwealth Range is a north-south trending range of rugged mountains, 144 kilometres (89 mi) long, located within the Queen Maud Mountains on the Dufek Coast of the continent of Antarctica. The range borders the eastern side of Beardmore Glacier from the Ross Ice Shelf to Keltie Glacier.

The range was discovered by the British Antarctic Expedition (1907–09) and named by the expedition after the Commonwealth of Australia, which gave much assistance to the expedition.[3]

Key features[edit]

Its highest peak is Flat Top at 4000 meters or 13,123 feet.[1] Other peaks within the range include:

Flat Top's next highest neighbor is the massive Mount Kaplan 39 kilometres (24 mi) to the east-northeast.[1]


Geographical features include:


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