Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

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Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation.jpg
Logo of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Formation11 May 1948 (71 years ago) (1948-05-11)
TypeInternational organization
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°29′40″N 0°13′53″W / 51.4945173°N 0.2314831°W / 51.4945173; -0.2314831Coordinates: 51°29′40″N 0°13′53″W / 51.4945173°N 0.2314831°W / 51.4945173; -0.2314831
Area served
Commonwealth of Nations
26 full state members
Shola Taylor

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) traces to the British Empire's Pacific Cable Board in 1901, though in its current form, was created by international treaty, the Commonwealth Telegraphs Agreement between Commonwealth Nations signed in London on 11 May 1948.[1]

The CTO connects government and non-government entities to enhance cooperation in information and communication technology (ICT).[2]

The government members of the CTO are:[3]

 Australia (not active)  Bangladesh  Barbados
 Botswana  Cameroon  Cyprus
 Fiji  Ghana  India
 Guyana  Jamaica  Kenya
 Malawi  New Zealand  Lesotho
 Malaysia  Malta  Mozambique
 Mauritius  Nigeria  New Zealand (not active)
 Pakistan  Papua New Guinea  Rwanda
 Seychelles  Sierra Leone  Solomon Islands
 South Africa  Sri Lanka  Eswatini
 Tanzania  Trinidad and Tobago  Uganda
 United Kingdom  Vanuatu  Zambia
 Grenada  Tuvalu  Somalia
 Gibraltar (associate)  South Sudan (associate)  Bermuda (associate)
 Montserrat (associate)  Zimbabwe (not active)

ICT sector members include Avanti Communications, British Telecom, Facebook, Huawei, Intelsat, PwC London, Safaricom, and Vodafone.[4]


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