Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery

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Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery
চট্টগ্রাম যুদ্ধ সমাধি
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
War Cemetery Chittagong (3).JPG
Commonwealth War Cemetery Chittagong
Used for those deceased
Established After World War II (1939-1945)
Location 22°21′26″N 91°49′43″E / 22.3573°N 91.8287°E / 22.3573; 91.8287 (Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery)Coordinates: 22°21′26″N 91°49′43″E / 22.3573°N 91.8287°E / 22.3573; 91.8287 (Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery)
near Chittagong
Total burials 755
Unknown burials 18
Burials by nation
Burials by war
Statistics source: CWGC

The Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery in Chittagong, Bangladesh.


This cemetery was established to show the honor for the soldiers and others who died in World War II. The cemetery was created by the British Army, and there were originally about 400 burials. Graves have since been transferred to this cemetery from the Lushai Hills (Assam) and other isolated sites, and from Chittagong Civil Cemetery; Chandragona Baptist Mission Cemetery; Chiringa Military Cemetery; Cox's Bazar New Military and Civil (Muhammadan) Cemeteries; Chittagong (Panchalaish) Burial Ground; Dacca Military Cemetery; Demagiri Cemetery; Dhuapolong Muslim Burial Ground; Dhuapolong Christian Military Cemetery; Dohazari Military and R.A.F. Cemeteries; Jessore Protestant Cemetery; Khulna Cemetery; Khurushkul Island Christian and Muhammadan Cemeteries; Lungleh Cemetery (Assam); Nawapara Cemetery (Assam); Patiya Military Cemetery, Rangamati Cemetery; Tejgaon Roman Catholic Cemetery; Tumru Ghat Military Cemetery and Tumru M.D.S. Hospital Cemetery.

There are now 731 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-45 war here, 17 of which are unidentified.

There are a further 20 foreign national burials, 1 being a seaman of the Dutch Navy and 19 Japanese soldiers, 1 of which is unidentified. There are also 4 non-war U.K. military burials.


Commonwealth War Cemetery Chittagong is in Dampara locality, No 19 Badsha Mia Road, 22 kilometers north of the airport and 8 kilometers from the port on a site which was formerly paddy fields, but which has now been developed.

It is near the arts college and close by Finlay's Guest Houses near Chatteshanry Road; a well known road leading to the Hindu Kali Bari Temple. There is no C.W.G.C. road direction sign.

The burial area is situated at the bottom of a slope directly behind Finlay's Guest Houses and is surrounded by a large area planted with a mixture of jungle trees, fruit trees and flowering trees.

A tarmac lane leads from the entrance gate to the burial area which is entered through a metal gate flanked by two small brick chapels.

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