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Commonwealth Wrestling Championship is a tournament designed for top wrestlers in the Commonwealth of Nations. It is not linked to the Commonwealth Games, nor has any accreditation with any sports body in any country.

Glasgow 1985[edit]

The first Commonwealth Wrestling Championship was held in Glasgow, Scotland

Category Gold Silver Bronze
48 kg Kumar R (India) Moncur R (Canada) Burns D (England)
52 kg Singh M (India) Stannett S (New Zealand) Donohue N (England)
57 kg Ostberg M (Canada) Kirkby P (Australia) Kumar U (India)
62 kg Aspen B (England) James D (Canada) Cumming D (Australia)
68 kg McKay D (Canada) Kelevitz Z (Australia) Satyawan (India)
74 kg Green C (Australia) Walker F (England) Ramsay T (Canada)
82 kg Marcil S (Canada) Singh S (India) Bull T (England)
92 kg Loban N (England) Marshall S (Canada) Verma S (India)
100 kg Carrow G (Canada) Algie R (New Zealand) Singh K (India)
130 kg Daniar S (Canada) Singh R (India) Patrick A (Scotland)

London 2003[edit]

The 9th Commonwealth Wrestling Championships were held in London, Ontario, Canada.

Cape Town 2005[edit]

The 10th Commonwealth Wrestling Championships were held in Cape Town, South Africa from June 30 to July 2, 2005


1st Gold Markus Dekker 2nd Silver Palwinder Singh Cheema 3rd Bronze Yuri Reichel 4th Karl Gehringer

London 2007[edit]

The 11th Commonwealth Wrestling Championships were held in London, Ontario, Canada on June 16–17, 2007. Participating nations included Canada, India, Pakistan, Great Britain, South Africa, and Namibia.

Jalandhar 2009[edit]

The 12th commonwealth wrestling championships were held in Jalandhar, Punjab, India between December 18 and December 20, 2009.[1] Originally it was slated to be a test event for the Delhi 2010 commonwealth games in Delhi but the venue was not ready. Wrestlers competed in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling the latter being only for Men.


Category Gold Silver Bronze Bronze
55 kg Rajender Kumar[India] Hari Krishnan[India] Barashat Ali[Pakistan] Van wyk Carlo[RSA]
60KG Ravinder Singh[India] Anil Kumar[India] Marius Loots[RSA] Farzao Tarash[Aus]
66 kg Gurbinder Singh[India] Sunil Kumar[India] Mehrdad Tarash[Aus] Muhammad Sulaman[Pak]
74 kg Richard Addinal[RSA] Rajbir Chikara[India] Clinton Davies[New Zealand] Sanjay[India]
84 kg Manoj Kumar[India] Rajesh Kumar[India] Richard Feriera[RSA] Dean Van Zyl[RSA]
96KG Ashok Kumar[India] Hugues Bella Lufu[RSA] Anil Kumar[India] Mohammed Umar[Pak]
120 kg Dharmender Dalal[India] Andries Schutte[RSA] Rishi Pal[India] Andrew Davidson[RSA]

Singapore 2016[edit]

Johannesburg 2017[edit]

The 13th commonwealth wrestling championships were held in Johannesburg, South Africa between December 15 and December 17, 2017.[2]

It was streamed live by DigiComms from Carnival City in Brakpan.


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