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This award has been discontinued. For the new award see Commonwealth Writers. For previous winners see List of Commonwealth Writers prizes

The Commonwealth Writers' Prize was a literary award presented by the Commonwealth Foundation, which awarded prizes for established and new writers across the Commonwealth of Nations. Established in 1987, the award was discontinued in 2011 when the Commonwealth Foundation revised its prize program and instituted two new awards in its place.

Each year, prizes for Best Book (1987–2011) and Best First Book (1989–2011) were awarded in four regions: Africa, Caribbean and Canada, South Asia and Europe and South East Asia and Pacific. Eight regional winners then competed for the pan-Commonwealth Best Book and Best First Book prizes, awarded at a public programme held in a different Commonwealth country each year. In addition there was a Commonwealth Short Story Competition (1996–2011).

In 2011 the Commonwealth Writers' Prize (and Commonwealth Short Story Competition) was re-launched under the new name Commonwealth Writers - a world of new fiction with two new prizes, Commonwealth Book Prize and Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Starting in 2014, the Commonwealth Book Prize was also discontinued.


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