Urban Community of Bordeaux

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Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux
Country France
Region Aquitaine
Department Gironde
No. of communes 28
Established January 1, 1968
Seat Bordeaux
 • President Alain Juppé (LR)
 • Total 578.28 km2 (223.28 sq mi)
Population (2010 census)
 • Total 719 489
(32.6% in the city of Bordeaux)
 • Density 1,196/km2 (3,100/sq mi)
Budget € 1 095 666 000 (2011)¹
Website www.bordeaux-metropole.com
¹ After compensatory transfer of local tax euros to the communes of the Urban Community.

The Urban Community of Bordeaux (French: Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux), also known by its French initials CUB, is the intercommunal structure gathering the city of Bordeaux (France) and some of its suburbs.

The Urban Community of Bordeaux encompasses only the center of the metropolitan area of Bordeaux (see infobox at Bordeaux article for the metropolitan area). Communes further away from the center of the metropolitan area have formed their own intercommunal structures, such as:


UCB was created in 1966 by the law of 31 December on urban communities which instituted the urban communities of Strasbourg, Lille, Lyon and Bordeaux. The urban community was called Bordeaux Métropole starting 1 January 1968 but abandoned that name for the CUB in the 2000s.

From january 2015, the name change back to Bordeaux Métropole.[1]


The 28 communes of the Urban Community are:


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