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Communicate knowledge manifesto is a manifesto that was created by a Dutch design student from ArtEZ [1] in 2010. In 1972 there was a debate between Wim Crouwel and Jan van Toorn[2] about the purpose of graphic design. This debate is still relevant in today's graphic design, what is its purpose? Communicate knowledge manifesto is based on the assumption that the graphic designer should be focused on spreading knowledge as much as possible. Not his/her own knowledge, but the knowledge of others. To improve the interaction between disciplines.

This first started as a small project, but other students from academia over the Netherlands soon joined in this manifesto. A number of groups have formed making this manifesto a reality. At this point, research groups have formed with Radboud University Nijmegen, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Jan Van Eyck Academie where graphic designers take part in the interaction between multiple disciplines and universities to create the best environment for communicating knowledge.

The Royal Academy and the University of the Arts London have started similar projects also stated under the communicate knowledge manifesto.


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  • [1] Grafisch Arnhem