Communication Breakdown (film)

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Communication Breakdown
Directed by Richard O'Sullivan
Produced by John Edmonds Kozma
Fred Hueston
John Michael Burgess
Written by Dan Lashley
Richard O'Sullivan
Starring Dan Lashley
William V. Repoley
Aleks West
Brian Heffron
Jasmin St. Claire
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Country United States
Language English

Communication Breakdown is a 2004 independent motion picture directed by Richard O'Sullivan, who also wrote the script along with the film's star, Dan Lashley, and produced by John Edmonds Kozma (producer of Nick Cassavetes' Kentucky Rhapsody").[1]

The movie also stars Willie Repoley, Meredith Sause, Aleks West, Blair Peery, Brian Heffron, Jasmin St. Claire, Katie Lester, Satu Rautaharju, and Aubrey Goss.