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Communication Research Reports  
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Discipline Communication studies
Language English
Edited by Nicholas D. Bowman
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
Standard abbreviations
Commun. Res. Rep.
ISSN 0882-4096 (print)
1746-4099 (web)
LCCN sn85001024
OCLC no. 321019859

Communication Research Reports is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering communication studies. It was established in 1984 and is published by Routledge.

The journal specializes in the publication of reports-style manuscripts using social scientific methods (such as quantitative data analysis). The most common type of manuscripts published are research reports, which often feature "scales, causal models, novel correlations, and immediate observations — constitute the 'nuts and bolts' of human communication..."[1]

In 2016, the journal was rated as the third-most central to the field of human communication.[2]

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

The journal is abstracted and indexed in EBSCO databases, PsycINFO,[3] and Scopus.[4]


The founding editor-in-chief of the journal was James C. McCroskey (Pennsylvania State University).[5][6] For vols. 31-33, Don Winslow Stacks (University of Miami) was the editor. The current editor (vols. 34-36) is Nicholas David Bowman (West Virginia University).

Past editors[edit]

Years Editor Institution (at time of Editorship)
1984-1988 James C. McCroskey West Virginia University[7]
1988-1992 Michael J. Beatty Cleveland State University[8]
1995 James C. McCroskey West Virginia University
1996-1998 Jerry L. Allen University of New Haven
1999-2001 Andrew S. Rancer University of Akron
2002-2004 John C. Sherblom University of Maine
2005-2007 Lisa Sparks George Mason University
2008-2010 Wendy Samter Bryant University
2011-2013 Theodore Avtgis West Virginia University/Ashland University
2014-2016 Don Stacks University of Miami[9]
2017-2019 Nicholas David Bowman West Virginia University


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