Communication Workers Union (Ireland)

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Communication Workers Union
Communication Workers Union Ireland logo.png
Founded 1922
Members 19,550[1]
Affiliation ICTU
Key people Steve Fitzpatrick, General Secretary
Office location Dublin, Ireland
Country Ireland

The Communication Workers Union is a trade union in Ireland.

The union was founded in 1922 as the Irish Post Office Engineering Union, splitting from the British Post Office Engineering Union following the establishment of the Irish Free State. It was renamed the Communications Union of Ireland in 1985, while in 1989, it was joined by the Postal Telecommunications Workers' Union and adopted its current name.[2]

General Secretaries[edit]

1950s: Malachy Dooney
1967: Seamus De Paor
1990: David Begg
1997: Con Scanlon
2004: Steve Fitzpatrick


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