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Created by Joseph Schipfer
Date 1839
Setting and usage International auxiliary language
Users None
Sources Most of the vocabulary and grammar from French, with some influences from Latin, English and German
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None
The cover of Versuch einer Grammatik für eine Allgemeine Communications- oder Weltsprache

Communicationssprache, also known as Universal Glot, Weltsprache and Komuniklingvo, is one of the earliest international auxiliary languages.


It was created by Joseph Schipfer and first published in 1839 in Wiesbaden.

This project is of historical interest for two reasons—first, it being based on French reflects the common view of the time that French is "a world language to some extent". It is also interesting to note that a mere forty years later, in 1879, Volapük took English for basis. Second, Schipfer's project reflects a new conscience of greater possibilities of the international communication which appeared by the invention of the railway and steam ship. He even recommended that his project be used on these "new means of voyage".


Communicationssprache is based on (or a simplification of) French, making heavy use of its respelled vocabulary, which Schipfer considered to be nearly universal among the educated classes of the world of his time.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • No articles.
  • Invariable adjectives.
  • Comparatives in -ior and -iost.
  • Adverbs formed by adding -ly to adjectives.
  • Possessive pronouns in -a.
  • Infinitives in -er.
  • Nouns were declined.
  • Capitalization of nouns, as in German.


Pater Noster:

No Pera, wia ete Cielu
ta Noma sanctiferii;
ta Royoma Ais arrivii;
ta volonta färerii
com Cielu änsi Terru.
Donne Ais noa Päno quotidien;
pardonne Ais noa offansos,
com pardonnas Aos offanding;
non permette que succombias tantationi;
mä delivre Aos malu.

Numbers from one to ten:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
una dua tria quatra quina sesta setta otta nona dia


  • Joseph Schipfer, Versuch einer Grammatik für eine Allgemeine Communications- oder Weltsprache, Wiesbaden 1839
  • The project received the code 417.4"1839” of the Montagu C. Butler Library

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